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Cybersecurity in Hospitality Industry

We book hotel rooms, air ticket, cab and pay it using smart phones, and we receive e-vouchers, booking confirmation and store all data's on smart phone. On the flip side comes vulnerabilities and pose serious threats to our personal security, sensitive information security and so on. We can help you understand what kind of threat awaits your organization, customers and how can we protect against these vulnerabilities.

Evolution of technology in the tourism industry

Evolution of technology in the tourism industry by redefining products, services, and consumer experiences, their cyber ecosystems become increasingly vulnerable to security risks related with these technologies, the huge number of financial transactions they carry out and the valuable customer data they store. Over the last few years, several high-profile organizations in the sector made negative headlines because they did not pay appropriate attention to these risks and took an approach to cybersecurity that was fragmented, technology-focused and compliance-oriented. So companies need look and consider the cyber security compliances and security measures to tackle this type of attacks.

The hotel industry attracts cyber attackers

Usually, the hotel industry attracts cyber attackers as it is handling so much financial data as well as personally identifiable information. The top cyber threats that the travel and leisure industries facing now are: phishing, dark hotel attacks, malware attacks, social engineering, WIFI network compromise etc. This will impact the business, reputation damage, financial loss, data loss etc. It is therefore essential that these industries have adopted the relevant practices to reduce the risk of a data breach, and to know that you’re well placed to respond if you are hacked.


The essential areas to address this type of cyber-attacks is to comply with industry standard regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001 etc and give the staff’s proper cyber security awareness and doing penetration testing of the applications both the web and mobile in regular intervals. Apart from this to prevent the cyber-attacks we need to implement intrusion detection systems, hotel system firewalls, sophisticated encryption procedures, access limitations etc. By following above regulations and implementing above mentioned points we can address most common security threats and secure the infrastructure as well.

We can protect you from the cybersecurity risks

We can protect you from the cybersecurity risks. Our experienced development team creates best security platforms for hospitality industries which includes: Review your software suite for vulnerabilities, Uncover where you are storing data and how that data is protected, Provide you with experienced engineers to audit your security setup, Carry out a complete risk analysis, including determining the inside threat from your team, Roll out a security infrastructure that limits your exposure should an attack take place, Help you formulate an incident response plan, Monitor your systems 24×7 and alert you to any unusual activity. We will ensure your hotel becomes and remains compliant with accepted industry standards.

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