Infrastructure Security

Embed Security into Business IT Infrastructure

Security for every element of your business IT infrastructure, extending beyond on-premises network, cloud, servers, virtual environment, storage, WAN, Data centers, disaster recovery site, campus network and so on.

We help every business to function securely, We help you with security solution into every area of your requirement.

Attacks on the network and critical services are a growing concern

As the ability to connect to systems and platforms becomes more convenient, attacks on the network and critical services are a growing concern. OffenseLogic understands that your network infrastructure is the backbone of your organization’s technology services. The network infrastructure, which encompasses all devices, software, and systems, must be kept running securely to ensure that operations are running efficiently and effectively. Following your organization’s requirements for operations, uptime, performance, and security, OffenseLogic’ s security experts will strategically merge both infrastructure security services and managed security services, to monitor, back up, and manage your infrastructure security, so you can use your company resources to focus on driving initiatives forward.

We undertake regular upgrades of IT systems

Our advanced infrastructure security solutions combine Identity and access management,  hybrid encryption schemes, public key infrastructure, Managed IDS/IPS and Firewalls, E-mail security, Multi-factor Authentication single sigin. We undertake infrastructure security assessment, security and compliance audit, and Black Box and White Box testing. Our repository of prevention and diagnostic tools and methodologies detect vulnerabilities, insider threats and anomalies in near real time. We undertake regular upgrades of IT systems to safeguard the integrity of data, enterprise and systems, and the network.

We provide protection against network intrusion

We provide robust protection against network intrusion without reducing the overall performance. We provide a layered approach begins at the perimeter, where a next-generation firewall (NGFW) that uses application-aware deep packet inspection to better detect and block malicious traffic. It analyzes network traffic up to and including Layer 7 in order to classify users, content and applications and enforce access control policies. Our intrusion prevention services that actively block network packets when malicious activity is identified. Signature matching and anomaly detection protect against malware and other malicious content. Category-based content filtering updates automatically from the cloud so that policies are always current.

Our Advanced infrastructure security helps:

Our Advanced infrastructure security helps: prevent zero-day threats and sophisticated malware attacks, ensure that all activity logs are monitored around the clock, prevent attackers from accessing the network to exfiltrate data or disrupt systems, deep and thorough analyze of data packets, enforce security policies at the application level, Eliminate the administrative overhead of updating firewall rules. Also, we provide you 24×7 monitoring and response capabilities to your critical infrastructure and network security technologies with the help of our in-house managed security specialists and analysts.
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