Red Team/Attack Simulation​

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We are security experts first; we provide expert technical advices in cybersecurity. We provide consulting services in multiple aspects of cyber security. we have experienced cyber security consultant who provide a wider perspective to a problem gained from many years of experience. Our team has the capability to simulate a real cyber-attack scenario and walk through the resolution and educate internal team on how to reduce the reaction time.

We provide:

- Penetration testing
- Social engineering
- Vulnerability scans
- Security Audits
- Threat intelligence

Red Team Attack Simulation

A Red Team Attack Simulation is like a real-world attack scenario to check how strong is your organization’s defense, detection, and response capabilities and thereby giving a real picture of your organization’s risk posture, including technical and organizational gaps in your defense, and your team’s readiness in detecting and mitigating the threats proactively. By using most modern and sophisticated tools, malware, and cutting-edge techniques, we can identify the above-mentioned gaps in your security monitoring, detection, and response, so you emerge prepared and empowered to take on attackers

Our red team attack simulation includes:

Our red team attack simulation includes but not limited to: Spear phishing, Specialized Malware, Open-Source Reconnaissance, Social Engineering, Targeted Web Application Attacks, Physical Security Attacks, Wireless Attacks, Credential Dumping, Privilege Escalation, Defensive Evasion, Lateral Movement, Situational Awareness etc. Through these attack simulations which usually consists of multiple engagement activities and phases which will definitely meet an organization’s security objectives as well as determine how strong the defense mechanism is. We are constantly developing our cyber-attack scenarios based on ongoing and up-to-date cybersecurity researches.

We have the complete hybrid work force security solution

We have the complete hybrid work force security solution which contains and provides you with: Zero Trust micro segmented infrastructure, Software defined and blockchain defined perimeter protection for servers and storages, logging and visibility, Software Defined Perimeter for invisibility, 3 factor authentication, Blockchain Defined Perimeter, protect credential theft, Controller based solution, Insider Threat management, Realtime alert, Enforced Encryption, BYOD management, Employ Productivity management, Access control, DLP, SSO, Identity management, Automated DLP, Vulnerability Assessment, Anti Malware & Ransomware protection, Intrusion detection and prevention, Access Management and threat logs

We use the realistic security testing methods

With OffenseLogic red team/ attack simulations you can achieve these benefits but not limited to: improve your team’s organizational readiness, improve training for how to defend an attack, improve current performance levels, improve end-user informational security awareness, evaluate the effectiveness of your IT security defense and controls, gain objective insight into vulnerabilities both inside and outside that may exist across your environment, find road map for future security practices. We use the realistic security testing methods that replicate highly advanced threat groups.

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