We focus into partnerships with startups and join them as a supporting wing in their journey. Even if the startups are not in to pure technology, but still any of these startups will need an online presence and definitely there will be a lot of technology requirement, especially IT, as it eases all aspect of business by automating and orchestrating for of the day today jobs and definitely a moderate IT will be required for, may it be billing, users, customers and so on. If these requirements not addressed on time  it to pileup and complicate  the entire process, as soon as the startup begins to build tractions.

We can handle the entire technological support required for the growth of the startup, may it be IT, IT security, Online Presence, Billing, CRM, expansion, and so on.

We handle your technology, you handle the business.....

We help entrepreneurs solve problems.

We help entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a start-up by providing help with business basics, mentoring, networking opportunities, marketing assistance, connecting to strategic partners, help with achieving regulatory compliance , training for employees and also cyber security . Our sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs grow their business. We provide you all the assistance whether it’s technical or non-technical. We provide you the latest cutting-edge technologies to increase the growth of your start-ups. We get involved at all stages of a start-up’s development, from idea stage to revenue-generating, late stage.

We help to empower startups with reasonable security controls

We help to empower startups with reasonable security controls that are intelligently applied and have a favorable cost-effect ratio. We strive to help early-stage startups solve for their greatest security risks, in a balanced way, and in a manner that’s sustainable and doesn’t demand great security expertise. We not only find every security vulnerability, but also provides a solid baseline addressing the most common and important security challenges companies face and will provide a solid starting point from which companies can grow their security program.

IT and cloud infrastructure implementation support

We will provide you with all the IT support and cloud infrastructure implementation support. Even for a group of inexperienced entrepreneurs that just formed a start-up company, raising some funding and giving away part of their company is a big decision. The stakes are high and the need to mitigate the risk of failure. So, joining hands with us will provide the inexperienced team with mentorship, knowledge and the network to jumpstart their business. We have a group of highly specialized mentors and industry experts who can provide the new-coming entrepreneurs with what they need to know and what they need to learn in the process of developing their product and a business around it.

Administrative, legal and financial support

A start-up needs different things at different stages. Start-ups need their administrative, legal and financial support, business modelling, prototyping and product development, IT support, cloud infrastructure support.  Once all these bases are covered, we will then mentor your start-up industry to much more valuable network of partners to work with, using established traction as an asset. We will provide all this best possible support and services so as your start-up can grow successfully and reach higher levels.

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