Energy-Sector Threat

Electric-power and energy companies are vulnerable to cyberattacks considering their infrastructure to hold lot of legacy systems and considering their primary business is not related to IT at all, we have specially designed frameworks and processes that can significantly reduce cyber-related risks. Considering the latest trends world wide of cyberattacks our analysis confirms that threats and threat actors are targeting energy sector to primarily cause security and economic dislocation and also to publicly register their opposition to energy sector based on public environmental and other broader agendas.

The cyberattacks against the companies in the electricity and gas sectors

The cyberattacks against the companies in the electricity and gas sectors are increasing sky high. But implementing a systematic and structured approach to interactions, organizational, and process frameworks can greatly reduce cyber-related risks. Hacktivists are out to publicly voice their disagreement with utilities’ initiatives or larger goals, as well as cybercriminals who grasp the economic value represented by this industry. Also, electric-power and gas sector’s unique interdependencies between physical and cyber infrastructure make companies vulnerable to exploitation, including billing fraud with advanced wireless meters, the takeover of operational-technology (OT) systems to stop multiple wind turbines, and even physical destruction.

The biggest cyber-attacks  on the energy sector are:

The Cyber risks can potentially impact every operation within a power plant particularly with the increased use of connected industrial devices or automated controls. Energy infrastructures have turned into highly distributed systems, which require proactive protection. The biggest cyber-attacks  on the energy sector  are: CrashOverride- can take control of control systems and ultimately it can damage all the files, GreyEnergy- An advanced persistent threat which can affect through phishing, Havex malware- used for industrial espionage, Operation Sharpshooter- hacking global infrastructure of nuclear and energy companies, TRITON malware- attack toward’ s target’s IT and operational technology networks.

Solutions to make the energy sector more resilient to cyber attacks

We should consider solutions to make the energy sector more resilient to growing and more sophisticated cyber and privacy attacks, develop scenarios for possible attacks, with appropriate counteracting measures, designed, described, tested on a demonstrator in order to check how strong our defense mechanism is, apply measures to new assets or to existing equipment where data flows were not designed to be cyber protected, implement set of standards and rules for certification of cybersecurity components, systems and processes in the energy sector.

We provide complete and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions

We provide complete and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for energy industries that will: assess vulnerabilities and threats in a collaborative manner; provide an adequate security measures to ensure a cyber-secure system, implement both organisational and technical measures in representative demonstrator to test the cyber resilience of the system with different types of attacks/severity, demonstrate the effectiveness of the measures with a cost-benefit analysis, monitor user-behavior using advanced threat analytics, implement hardware authentication. We ensure more security for this type of sectors through our technologies.

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